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The Company

The company Hamilton Rios Indústria Comércio e Exportação Ltda was founded on July 1967 by Mr. Hamilton Rios de Araújo, with the goal to transform raw sisal fibers into processed fibers for spinning.

As a countryman, Mr. Hamilton Rios genuinely knew the best extraction process of the sisal fiber from the leave of the Agave plant and how to produce superior quality sisal fiber.

Initially, he commercialized his production in the local market, selling to export companies and to the twines and ropes industries. However, due to the high quality which was embedded in his products, he swiftly begun to export all his production to sisal consuming countries.

Having quality as the number one priority, the investments were always made with the aspiration to improve the productive process in order to produce sisal fiber of exceptional quality, in an approach that would make it feasible to attend to the needs of customers in the best possible way.

Due to the rigorous quality politic incorporated in all the productive chain of the company, Hamilton Rios became the biggest exporter of sisal fiber in Brazil with a market share superior to 50%.

Leader in the market, with an annual production of 30,000 tons, the sisal exported by Hamilton Rios carried the brand RISANA stamped on its bales, which is the registered trademark of the company that assures that the sisal is under the quality standard required internationally.