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It will be a pleasure to clarify any questions that you may eventually have regarding the cultivation of sisal fiber in Brazil. You may contact us through our telephone, fax or e-mail, as described below:

Head Office

Rua Praia de Itamaracá, QD B8, loja 53, Vilas do Atlântico, Lauro de Freitas - BA - Brasil

Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Marcelo Araujo
Commercial Department: Mr. Geraldo Lacerda

ZIP Code: 42700-000

Tel: +55 (71) 3379-6604
Fax: +55 (71) 3369-4393



Rua João Mateus de Souza, 307, Açudinho, Conceição do Coité - BA - Brasil

ZIP Code: 48730-000

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